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Well! if you found this page then you were REALLY BORED!  but seriously this page is for those adventurous souls that really want to know what my future plans are.
Below are a couple of things that I'm really wanting to build asap. I've actually been working on them for a good while now. but until recently the shop was in a total shambles due to all the old J.Backlund tooling not fitting in this building.
 But as of Oct. 1st 2018 that problem will have been solved satisfactorily,
and over the new few weeks I should be able to get back to building full custom guitars again.
 Of course I'm still very busy with the Judah Guitars EVH wand distressing work, and There are plenty of local repairs to do as well.
So I have no idea when things will start going in that direction,
but I'm working on it being sooner than later.
 Thanks for stopping by the Design room.
This is a new arched top guitar design that i feel like folks might like.
 I'm planning to offer this with BOTH an FRX Floyd Rose Bridge (no routing required)
 as well as a regular Stop tail and bridge.
 This should allow the player to change from a trem to a non trem bridge and back again just by changing his strings.
gibson caselogo.jpg
Lately it seems that folks are asking me for these logo badges that fit the 1980s Generation III Protector cases.(the one with the metal latches)
 So, I'm having some made right now!
 They should be ready to sell by mid to late Oct 2018.
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