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  The JBD-200 Series guitar

  The 200 series guitars were the most units made at just about 30 units total,  based on all the photos I have counted and knowing how many batches I built.


  Again, these guitars were rarely serialized and no accurate records were kept.


  The JBD-200 series guitars featured bodies and necks of either mahogany, alder, korina and ash  and that is listed in the order of most used to least used.

  The fretboards were of either Ebony, rosewood or birdseye maple,  with the neck itself being made from either mahogany or maple.


  The body was a semi arched top, often called a  "german carve"  and had a unique integrated pickguard/ tailpiece/ bridge configuration a well as a steel control plate, these models often came with a N-Tune on board chromatic and automatic tuning system that was part of the volume know simply pull the volume up to activate the tuning system and then pluck a string to see the note on the plastic display located around the volume knob. a handy feature.


   The 200 series came with 1 humbucker and 1 single coil configuration and sometimes the humbucker was coil tapped with a push-pull switch on the tone control.

  They were often ordered in custom colors and featured two small  "bevel accents" on the treble and bass sides of the guitar that would be of a contrasting color to the rest of the body.

  As with all J.Backlund Design guitars the truss rods were of a two way,  Dual action design that allowed for both forward and backward control of the neck bow.

  the earilest versions had a 1 and 3/4" nut width,  while later versions had the more familiar 1 and 11/16" nut width.


  All JBD-200 guitars were built by hand, by myself, in our Chattanooga TN shop and came with a custom G&G made Snakeskin covered case with a crushed blue velvet lining. all guitars came with an Ultimate support GS-100 or GS-1000 guitar stand that fit into a compartment inside the guitars case.

   Because each of the 200 models were custom ordered,  the prices ranged from 3495.00 up to 3995.00 for the complete kit.

Click on photos center to open gallery and to see all photos  in full size.
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