Model JBD-800 Guitar.

  The JBD-800 model was one of the more "normal" looking designs to come out of J.Backlund Design. a nice cross between a Telecaster and a Jaguar, the JBD-800 had the modern Sleek fast look yet was clear a vintage "offset" type design.


    At best count, it appears that not more than 24 of these were built, of which 12 of these were made by CNC machine in an attempt to build instruments faster.

   Sadly CNCs DO NOT actually make a one man shop any faster. and they certainly do not make a one man shop more cost effective.  this was an extremely expensive lesson to learn and had much to do with the Companies cessation of U.S. production.

   The JBD-800 was available in Mahogany,  Korina, Alder, and Swamp Ash. and that is in the order of use.  they came with Vibrato tailpieces or fixed bridge, both being supplied by Hipshot products.

   The JBD-800 models were available with either 3 single coils or a hum/single or double hum pickup configurations.

they were  one of the only models to offer a traditional sunburst finish. though most of them were finished in a custom color , there were a very few that were either natural finish or Hand rubbed oil finish.


  The very first Vibrato bridge used on any J.Backlund Designs guitar was installed on a JBD-800 model,  from which all further engineering on other models was taken.

   The JBD-800 model was also a 25,5 scale length,  

  all other JBD models were of a 24.750 scale length 

  except the JBD-800B Model bass which was a 34" scale.


   The JBD-800 model was the last 6 string Guitar model to be made in the US Shop.

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