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So who is Bruce Bennett?

 Bruce Bennett is me, the guy on the right in the photo.

 the other guy is just some Politician. 

    I'm kidding,  Thank you U.S. Congressman Chuck Fleishman for the photo and being a great sport and a darn fine Congressman

    I'm  just one of those  guys that likes to ask

 "Why did they do it this way?"


 "How can we make it better"

    I'm a guitar player/musician first, and an OCD level perfectionist when it comes to instrument and amp quality,

  if you asked me what my main "skill" is.. I would say that its  an almost obssesive level attention to detail.

   LOL which means that if your in a hurry to have something built... Then PLEASE!!! Look elsewhere.


  If your looking to have something built DIRT CHEAP !  THEN PLEASE LOOK ELSEWHEWRE!

  But, if your looking to something built that is truly a cut above the factory stuff... then maybe we can talk.


  "Bennett Music Labs"  is my own personal prototypeing shop where I design and build one of kind pieces and  experiment with new Musical Gear ideas.

    I've experimented  for countless hours trying to demystify and debunk the myriad of myths that run rampant in the Guitar industry. 

  I'm not afraid to pull back the curtains and ask the man behind it some hard questions.

   My Home page shows a slide show of a large variety of gear that I've personally built over the last 37 years. and those are only the tip of a very large iceberg.

  I've built over 3500 guitars , 350+ amps and over 5000 effects pedals during my career.  along with who knows how many speaker cabs and amp boxes.


  This constitutes decades of first hand expereince in the problems of acheiveing specific tones,  textures and performance levels that most of the newbies in this business haven't even run into yet.

I've been lucky enough to have worked with a few  Stars,  Helping them get sounds and gear that  helps them stand out in their field.

   Artists like:

  Joe Walsh ( Eagles and Joe Walsh)

  Mark Wills ( Mark Wills  Country artist) (

  Mark Slaugther  (Slaugther) 

  Chuck Garric  (of Alice Cooper)

  Billy Gibbons (ZZtop)

 My Dad always said 

 "if a job is worth doing , then its worth doing right." 

 and I still adhere to that line of thinking today. 

    These days the Lab stays very busy with guitar  and amp repairs, and custom project work for other shops.

  check my "PROJECTS" page to see some of the things  we are busy with.   

  So if your a  musician looking for that certain  something that can help you stand out and make a name for yourself.

   Then consider adding a Bennett Music Labs piece to your arsenal.

   Like so many of my other customers.

   It just may become your Top Secret Weapon.

 Bruce Bennett 2016

Michael Tobias and myself at Summer  NAMM in Nashville 2013
 I was there showing the new Retronix guitars from J.Backlund along with my partner Kevin Maxfield.

Circa 1982,  My second custom guitar. ash body with a floyd rose Bridge and 3 Fender Wide Range pickups. My first guitar was so bad I scavaged it for parts to build this one. this one is still being gigged today by its current owner.

My Production Manager at Tobias Basses,  Frank Johns,  who later became the head of the Gibson R&D team.  a seriously fine guitar player and a great guy.,Frank actually came  to Gibson through Steinberger Guitars which shared space with Tobias Basses when I was there.

This photo was taken in 1995 which was the year after I left Tobias Basses,  this was at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville. I had started the Warrior Instruments project and we were showing new Warrior basses at NAMM that year, and I never had a camera with me when Michael was in the shop..

from left to right in the photo. Will Fix, Victor Wooten and Myself at the 1995 Summer NAMM Warrior Booth.  a lot of Celebrity Bassists were hanging around our booth that year. it was a blast!

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