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JBD-300 models

the JBD-300 model was one of the very first guitar models that BML inc ever advertised in Magazines, though it was the third model to be built of the original drawings.

 Hence the number 300 being assigned to it.

    This model had several issues related to the proportions of the original concept drawings and was not a completely workable design as drawn.

   after building the first protype,  a 2nd revision was completed which was actually a great sounding and playing guitar with excellent potential.

   Of these REV.2 instruments,  a total of 6 bodies and necks were cut. Four of which you can see in the galleries below.

 The 5th and 6th guitars may be completed someday,  but they are already spoken for.

   John Backlund ulltimately decided not to allow BML to continue the production of this model,  so it was removed from our line up.

 He gave this rev 2 design to me personally, saying that he did not recognize it as one of his designs.  I may consider offering this model again in the future should anyone care.

it lighter weight and thick mahogany bodied tone make it potentially a modern day Les Paul killer in my honest opinion.

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