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The Korean Made "Retronix" series instruments by J.Backlund Design

   The "Retronix" Series instruments by J.Backlund design were intended to be a lesser expensive version of John Backlunds designs.

  There were only 168 units total of both guitars and basses made with the Retronix brand. so they should be considered to be very rare.


  Remember the Gibson Moderne reissues from 82-84 had only 143 units made total.

   All the Retronix models were available with either rosewood or maple fretboards.

  The guitar had a choice of bridges, being either a Vibrato or a hardtail,  while all the basses were hardtail only

there were a total of 7 colors of the 6 string guitars made

Metallic Black

Metallic White,

Seafoam metallic

Purple metallic

Pink metallic

cobalt Blue metallic

and hot rod red metallic

the basses were only made in 5 of those colors.

Metallic White

Pink Metallic

Hot rod Red Metallic

Seafoam Metallic

Purple Metallic

  All units came with "Dracowyre" branded custom made Pickups

The pick guard or "Accent Plate" came in either tortoise shell or White Pearloid


 Most instruments came with a Retronix Branded Hardshell case

All units were personally set up by myself at the 6921 Middle Valley Rd Shop.

R800 Guitar in Pink Metallic with Vibrato Bridge and Rosewood fretboard
R800 Guitar in Hot Rod Red Metallic with Hardtail bridge and maple FB
R800 Guitar in White Metallic with Hardtail bridge and maple fretboard
R800 Guitar in Metallic Purple w/ Hardtail bridge and maple Fretboard
R800 Guitar in Seafoam Metallic w/ vibrato bridge and Rosewood Fretboard
R800B Bass in White Metallic and maple fretboard
Retronix Branded Hardshell case
Thank you for looking at my website and I hope you find the above information useful. and always feel free to call me if you need help. 423-760-0618
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