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the Supro amp Scoop of the year

         WOW!             WOW!             WOW!
 This news is SO HOT that I'm having to ice down my Keyboard just to type this!
   Supro has created a Phenomenal new series of Amplifiers. with so MANY SERIOUSLY GREAT FEATURES and a price point thats SURE TO BLOW YOUR MIND!

 The All NEW......... BLUES KING SERIES.

  the details are few, But I got'em!  HOT OFF THE PRESS BABY!
 here is what the guys at Supro told me..

  THE BLUES KING 12 taps directly into Supro’s deep American roots, delivering the tone of the mid-century Chicago-made amplifiers that helped sculpt the sound of Blues and the British Invasion of the 60’s. 
  Supro tube amps have a unique power section that puts you at the crossroads where rhythm and blues intersect with country to create the music called Rock & Roll.   

  ( its CLASS A SINGLED ENDED 6L6!! read that again guys "6L6!!!")

  The Blues King delivers the tonal characteristic of these coveted vintage Supro tube amplifiers while adding footswitchable fat boost and a face-melting, high gain mode along with real spring reverb and 3-band EQ to give you maximum tone shaping ability. Plug into the Blues King and own the Supro sound! 


Blues King 12 Front Scaled.png

SPECS: • 15-Watt 1x12” Tube Combo 

• Footswitchable Boost and Gain 

• Analog Spring Reverb 

• Effects Loop & Line Out 

• Class-A Tube Power Amp 

• Custom Supro BK12 Speaker 

• 1x 12AX7 

• 1x 6L6   


    Your hearing about these new amps from Bennett Music Labs FIRST.  

  NO ONE knows about these new amps except a few serious insider players.   So IF you want one of these killer new Supros,  DON'T WAIT!  get your order in and secure your amp deal today.   These amps are scheduled for Mid-December Shipping for Public release on Jan 3rd 2019.. Yes! that IS the official word from Dave Koltai himself.

    I've got 12 of these amps reserved, and I can reserve more between now and Dec 1st.. after that  its whats already ordered that will ship. So waiting is not a good idea.


  these amp won't last long. not at this price, with these features and this cool vintage "Supro Spectator" look!  

  Thank you for looking at Bennett Music Labs , We strive for fast and free shipping and the best in customer service. we aim to please,  so check my feedback on both eBay and Reverb and give us a shot. 

  Thank you,  and I hope you enjoyed getting the Supro Scoop of the year before everyone else!

 Bruce Bennett

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