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JBD-800B Basses USA

  There were only 3 J.Backlund Design Basses made in the USA in the original Chattanooga Shop.


  The first was given to the Country group "The Van Lears" and was an oil finished bass with a Flame Maple/purpleheart neck and mahogany body, with a tortise Accent Guard

  The second bass was a White metallic painted mahogany bodied bass that went to a cleint that eventually became our Northeatern Sales rep. it featured a mahogany/purpleheart 5 piece laminated neck with hipshot ultralight tuners.

  The last one hung around the shop for over a year in raw form and then was reliced by Will Fix Of Judah Guitars and given to Alice Coopers Bassist, Chuck Garric.

  the bass was reliced to look like the front of the Alice Cooper album "Schools Out" and looked like an old School desk that had been scribbled on for many years, the bass was used on Alice Coopers 2015 tour. and can be seen on several you tube videos.

  All J.Backlund Design JBD-800B Basses were hand made by myself.

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