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The JBD-400 Models

   The JBD-400 models were the second smallest amount of a specific model to be produced in the J,Backlund Design Line up ,   (with the JBD-300 being the smallest at only 4 units actually being built.)

  as far as can be determined, there are a total of 6 JBD-400 models out there,

  5 of which are in the Teal blue/Ivory and 1 in red/Ivory.

  Most of these had EMG chrome top pickups with the Plug and Play EMGX systems installed.

The JBD-400 model was probably the most striking design built but was also one of the more difficult ones as body lines and neck joints had to meet cleanly and often required extra sculpting and fine sanding to get the fit just right.  Extra rear body bevels were used to help with upper fret access. and counterbalanceing the heavy mahogany body was a constant issue, as well as finding just the right point to put the strap buttons to help distribute the weight to its best advantage.

   each and ever JBD-400 was a solid performing instrument with several novel design features.

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