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  • by Bruce Bennett

BOO! So whats new?

WOW! its been a YEAR since I showed the first teaser photos of the Bennett PXWC Guitar here.

Time flies when your having fun. but now the entire original concept drawing is on my home page. which means that I've got all the pre-production issues solved, and its only a matter of time now till The first batch is ready for public consumption!... is what I'd LIKE to say...

truth is, this Summer, I have been so swamped in general guitar repair work, Judah Guitars "EVH" work and fixing my 20 year old truck, and keeping the equipment around here operational, that I haven't found the time to get back to finishing the PXWC project.

and while things are not fully ready to go there just yet. I am making progress.. S L O W L Y to be sure.... but its still progress.

Yeah, I could moan and groan about some people around here who simply did not do what they said they would do. and had they done so, it would have really made a big difference...

I should know by now that expecting people to do what they say, is a waste of my time... but hey, I still have faith in folks.. I mean they obviously still have faith in me even though I'm slower than Christmas.

Well, its pointless to grumble. I'm just gonna keep moving at my normal snails pace because its all this crippled old man can do.

Oh well. Like the tortoise in that race with the hare.. I will get there and while I not worried so much about winning, I'll be happy if I can at least finish.

Anyway, Its official, I'm suspending taking in any more local repair work.

There is not enough time or space in the shop for all the projects around here.. and sadly, its only marginally profitable anyway.

My goal has always been to get back to building Customs again. and I'd like to finish a few more before my time is up.

I'm looking forward to 2018, I feel like it could be a good year for me.. I can see the tipping point just ahead.. if I can just reach it.

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