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  • By Bruce Bennett

Boo! Last month was Scary

Well, it seems ole September had a few financial curveballs in it that were rather large and unexpected.. and they carried over and made for one VERY SCARY month!. which I guess was completely appropriate for October.

But, God took very good care of me, So I will keep trusting in Him.

But, even though times were tight last month, there were some cool things that happened.

My PXWC guitar has finally started taking shape!

Back in Late April of this year, I started this project by first going to my good friend Bill Compeau about an early design that he had drawn some time ago, and spoke with him about some revisions to that design.

After several weeks worth of emails and 4 hour long phone calls. we finally arrived at a design that I felt would stand a fair chance in the marketplace.

with that done. the next step was to find the best materials I could get. and that took a little more time than I expected.

I wanted this guitar to have a lot of traditional points about it, while yet being "forward thinking" without being off putting to players. and something that would be sustainable in this new world of shrinking forests and CITIES and Lacey Act laws.

a tall order...

so, I started with a nice 2 piece block of 20 year old air dried mahogany, and a lovely 10 year old air dried top of eastern hard rock flamed maple. added a nice 1 piece mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard as my starting ingredients.

All of these pieces had to pass my Tap tone testing as I am looking for pieces that really resonate, and at specific frequencies as per my own testing that I did years ago while I was at Warrior.

Now I know there will likely be many who will try to Call " B.S. " about that on me.. its fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

but My proof is in my guitars.. They Shake period. Play one and you WILL know what I mean.

Starting with these carefully gathered pieces of sonic Gold. and adding many hours of math, machining, and general artistically destructive mayhem later.

I now have the basic bones of what will become my next model of guitars. (see teaser photo above)

and While I'm DYING to give the world a Peek into my new work.. I'm not going to release this little gem until Its fully finished.

I Can't say what the future may hold for it.. But I want to give it the best chance I can.

So just hang in there a bit longer. I'm not too far off my Jan 2017 projected release date. and if Gods willing, I will make it.

MY "working title" of PXWC is just that, a working title.. so this is Just a heads up that the model name could change later on.

and to those select few that are currently waiting on an instrument from me...

Have no fear.... All my projects are moving forward at my normal snails pace, but with every ounce of my full attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Remember, not every piece of wood can be an instrument... and even fewer can be a "Bennett"

See ya next month!

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