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August was a HOT one!


August was Blistering hot here in Hixson TN. Our shop temp was up to 101 on several days early in the month.

even with all that heat, We got a lot done and shipped and it was a Great month for the lab. I'm MOST thankful for all the new success we are enjoying!

The design for the PXWC Guitar has finally been completed! Hooray! and we have sent the new design out for CAD/CAM work.

Even though I intend to build the first few, as well as a couple "Presentation models" completely by hand. This guitar, IF well received, will ultimately be made both overseas as well as here in America.

I sincerely hope that John Q. Public, likes this new design.

Its a variation on traditional designs but with completely modern construction techniques.

I'm currently working on projected frequency ranges for the basic parts now, and If everything comes together the way I expect it to, this will be a very resonant instrument.

I also want to give MANY thanks to Bill Compeau for all his hard work and incredible working stamina,

Bill stayed up with me for hours on the phone tweaking and re-tweaking the new design until it was PERFECT!

When it comes to drawing guitar designs on computer, Bill Compeau is one of the BEST!

I'm still stunned that some big company hasn't snapped him up already. the guy has his finger on the pulse of modern Guitar design.

I've bought up many blocks of 5A grade Quilted & flame maples and I'm looking for some flame or quilted mahogany or Koa (if you have any, Please feel free to contact me)

the first 3 PXWC guitars will be:

1. a solid mahogany prototype.

2. a Quilted maple top/mahogany back prototype

3. a "Presentation model" with what can only be described as "PRS Dragon" style inlay work.

I hope to be able to show them by Winter NAMM 2017

I'm not going to fully reveal the new design yet,

I'm going to wait until the guitars are built and tested before unveiling them to the public.

but above is a sneak peek at the neck joint area.

have fun!

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