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the day AFTER Valentines Day

Today, Feb 15th is Presidents day.

Presidents day is a Holiday that really is mostly just an aggravation to those of us that need to ship things or go to the bank or do any of the 100s of regular mundane things that need be done on a Monday.

oh well.

I sang the Presidents song this morning, so I think I'm covered.

With this year being both a "leap" AND an Election year.. MAYBE at least considering the ramifications of the Holiday we call "Presidents Day" will help all of us to think more clearly about our Voting choices this Election year.... I know I will.

Things here at the shop are still going SUPER!. the EVH frankenstrats are flying out the door! We can't build them fast enough. its really a dream come true.

I'm up to my ears in regular repair work, Plus we are expanding the shop and building a new showroom for new items.

I feel like I'm one very blessed cat...


This past Valentines day was not so fun,

You see, the wife and I are separated by time, money, 140 miles and a poor set of circumstances.

Sure, I talked with her yesterday.. twice in fact. its was the best, but also the very least i could manage to do.

Also, there are some hard decisions coming up that will require some hard answers. and I'm not sure how things will go yet. but I'm placing my trust in God. He's not steered me wrong yet.

So I hope everyone had a great Valentines day spent with someone they really care about.

But for those of us that didn't... hang in there.

it aint over til all the ballots are counted.

God Bless you.

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