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My Christmas Wish 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone !

Yeah I know, thats not P.C. (Politically Correct)

Well, Bah Humbug! on being P.C.

I know there are many different "viewpoints" ( yeah, I mean religions) in this world, but the only one I'm interested in is the one about

Peace on Earth and Good Will toward men.

2016 is just around the corner, and based on the last 4 years, Its looking like its gonna have a lot of "changes" taking place during it..

Here's to hoping they are all for the better.

I'm looking forward to it myself as things here at the Lab are very busy and lots of projects are going out the door. and while I'm not totally finished with all the old project work. I'm gaining ground on it at a good steady pace.

I'm going to be spending time with my family this next week and just enjoying their company, and I hope that everyone gets to do the very same.

Family is a big deal, and maintaining those ties are pretty important. and in my way of thinking, if your family doesn't love you.. then who on this earth will?

Also I've found that the biggest reason family members fight with you.. is becasue they are concerned about you in some way... sure, some tiffs can be petty and maybe even selfish..

but most times It familiy members concern for your well being that motivates them to ask the Hard questions that tend to make people defensive..

So, a quick hug and an honest "Thanks for being concerned about me" will do more to fix riffs than anything else.

So why am I yaking about family? well, I've been seeing some things that have been happening in America in recent years that honestly, are just not good. and they are slowly eating away at our country and its core values. and I believe that rebuilding our family ties would be a step in the right direction. and Christmas time is a great family oriented event to help that idea along.

So My Christmas wish for 2015 is for everyone to get back in touch with, or help stengthen their family bonds.

Merry Christmas Ya'll

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