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congrats!  you found it! My secret passion is..


....Not that it was worth finding or anything..

this is just a page where I like to post things about my other hobby.



  yeah, I guess you could call them Japanese "cartoons"

but if you do. then you really don't have any idea what its all about.

  Anime is a rather unique artform.  Sure it comes from their "comic books"..and "their" comic books and "our" comic books are very similar..


   but, The Japanese have taken things to a new level in story telling.

   and They are actually rather good at telling a story,  and then... when the stars align  just right..  sometimes their comics get turned into an ANIME! which just makes the story come to life all that much more.


   so why should a grown man of 57 years care about cartoons?


  see, I grew up in the late 60-70s and Saturday Mornings was a BIG DEAL for a kid back then.

   I grew up watching Johnny Quest, The Herculoids, Space Ghost, Clutch Cargo and his pals Spinner and paddlefoot. Frankenstein Jr and the Impossibles. Scooby Doo. etc etc. you get the picture.

   So, What can I say... i DIG animation. I think anyone who can draw like that and do it SOOO MANY TIMES as to make a moving picture show from a series of still life artwork... well my hats off to them.

  I can barely draw a straight line with a ruler.  so drawing a person or background freehanded is just way beyond where I can go.

   and I also enjoy the fact that anime seems to have a MUCH better moral message than most  of todays  TV shows.

   and they have a genre for everyone!


    the ROM-COMs are just plain simple fun and remind me of when I was in high school and doing all those awkward things while trying to get a girl to go out with you.

  the sci-fi and fantasy stories are as far out as anything your own mind can dream up. and consideing that Japan seems to be made up of mostly nerds. Man can those nerds dream big!

   the scary stores are just as scary as anything the American horror writers have come up with. in fact some of them are even scarier. the Japanese are VERY good at "creepy" and that underliying "disturbing feeling" that makes a horror movie so good.


 also they have a sense of "personal Honor" that we seem to have lost here.  I have come to prefer watching anime to American TV shows JUST because of that one detail. the Lack of personal honor.

  Maybe America and American TV writers,  will find themselves again someday.. and when they do I will watch again..

  but until then, I'm gonna enjoy anime, and if you like things that are simple, wholesome and with a decent moral message. then you might want to chck out some anime as well.


  have fun!

 this picture is from the anime  "Toradora"

 the main characters name is "Tiga" and she is only 4ft 9   yet she is age 17 and in high school with a seriously BAD TEMPER

  so its no wonder she got nicknamed

  the "Palm Top Tiger" and with a temper like hers,  the comedy is bound to ensue... the funny thing is

I knew a girl in high school JUST LIKE HER!

Here's a short list of some of my Favorite animes.

most of which are viewable on Crunchyroll or Hulu

Interviews with Monster girls




How NOT to summon a Demon Lord

Miss Koybayashi's Dragon Maid

Beautiful Bones

Kimi no todoki

non non biyori

Fairy Tail

My Love story

Twin Star Exorcists


Concrete revolution

New Game

Shiro bako


The morose mononokean

Bang Dream




Asobi Asobase


Girls und Panzers

If you view at least two of these titles, I'm betting that you will understand why I dig this art form.


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