a nice quiet Sunday afternoon

November 22, 2015


  The birds are singing,  the sun is bright,  the weather is cool and crisp,  the BBQ stand across the street is smokeing some pork,  and Chattanooga is firmly in its regular laid back state.

  there is just no place like the South.


 I just took the clamps off two freshly milled and glued rock maple neck billets and I'm about to go forage for some breakfast at the BBQ stand ( at 3:00PM! ) and start laying out several necks for some new projects.

    as is the norm for me, I'm behind schedule. but then I've given up trying to race the 30 day clock.


  I've been HIGHLY blessed in recent months with an out of the blue windfall that has allowed me to forget the first half of this year entirely,  and focus only on the coming year.


   This great windfall arrived in the form of a niche product that my Bro-in-law came up with which has been selling like hotcakes,

 but instead of me telling you all about it. it will be more fun to find out about it yourself.

 so here are your clues.


  eBay ... Frankenstrat    300+ watchers.   53 sales in 129 days and don't skip the math, that what makes it really fun.

  There is a slick new video about to be added to our listing,  So check that out in the next week.


   I believe things are changing for the better.

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