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November 4, 2015


    2015 has been a very wild year for me. certainly one for the books, but  just like all of my life has been, its had some rather extreme lows and highs.. Sometime I really wanna get off this ride, lol... But I also wanna see how it ends too.

 the first half of 2015 SUCKED and thats all I'm gonna say about it.

 but then May 20th came and God showed me  that "he's got this" 

  more on that to come...


    I'm selling more items on eBay now than ever before,  I'm expanding the shop again.  ( just bought a small outbuilding for more storage)  and I'm diversifing the types of items I'm selling.  as well as expanding the Store front again!.


      and Yes, as always, there will be plenty of my handmade pieces, right along side the good ole standards that Musicians crave. So Please check out my eBay and listings.

    I'm also working with more Used gear and Vintage pieces as the space permits.

  but overall the shop is very busy!  and I'm a very happy camper.


   I've had some great conversations with Bill Compeau about his new Bridge designs.

    Bill is a SUPER creative guy with WAY TOO much energy for me. LOL.  but I love his enthusiasm for Guitars and gear.  His Guitar designs are very forward thinking and very playable IMHO.

    I'm actually a little stunned that one of the big factories hasn't snapped him up.

  I really do believe that Bill may have his finger on the pulse of the next generation of Guitar design.

but, only time will tell.


 and in other news..there are exciting whispers of a possible new partnership in the near future.


     Lots of work to do on this cool November morning, and I need to get to it.


  God willling, I'll see ya next time.





 Bruce Bennett



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