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  • Bruce Benett

Feels like spring... has taken a vacation

Brrrr... Its cold in Southeastern TN. today. and rather wet as well.

and with Saint Patricks Day only 3 days away, it looks like there won't be much "green" around here for at least another week or two.

either way Spring is almost upon us, and I'm looking forward to the warmer weather and being able to open the shop doors and really get some sawdust flying.

Its difficult to do much heavy woodworking in my shop when things are very cold out.

But I'm hoping a few new ideas I'm working on will be finished soon and then maybe Bennett Music Labs can take a step back into the Sunlight.

The first 3 months of 2017 has started off with a lot of "maintenance" ,

seems like a lot of things were ready to break down all at once around here.

January saw my back up computer breakdown, ( My main computer was already in the shop) then my Truck engine required a complete rebuild. ( its now running AWESOME! Thanks Kurt!)

several lighting fixtures stopped working in both the shop and the store, ( not very fun trying to build or sell guitars in the dark)

and I'm down to only 1 band saw blade left. lol.

But Praise God, each and every little aggravation got fixed/ taken care of even though I had no idea where the funds to do it were coming from. So I'm most thankful.

I have zero doubts that God is taking care of me. I do have my everyday doubts about precisely what I should do or where to put my efforts sometimes. and "Money" seems like its requires a full time manager for every penny!

But somehow God keeps allowing me to have the things I need. and I do my best to keep my work flowing.

The shop/stores pace often requires a little more than my body and mind wants to do. and So, I do have my slacking off days. but considering that I've not had a vacation in over 20 years.. and that I work an average of 18 hours per day, 6 days a week.

Yeah, I will "arrange" for some days to be easier than others.

But major milestones are being Passed this month.

The last of my older projects are going to their new homes!

By April 1st, I will be working on only projects that are less than a year old.

So officially My back order log will become less than a year for the first time in about 15 years!

I've fought hard to get to this point and I fully intend to stay there.

I'm also working toward making this place no longer a one man shop, So I can get more work out quickly.

of course, that "expansion" of the Lab is greatly dependent on several factors that have yet to be determined. but I'm very confident that it will happen.

I'm working on some new "adventures", that I hope I can release on my Websites front page soon.

So stay tuned and I hope you have a Very Blessed month of March.

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