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WOW 2017!

Mid Jan 2017! Yikes! I lose track of time far too easily, BUT!

The Christmas season was GREAT! with 14 new guitar sales going out the door in just under 30 days!.

this has allowed me fix a lot of issues and though I'll still be in catch up mode for a good while longer.

I can now actually see the light at the end of the tunnel!

2017 couldn't have started on a better note!

My PXWC Guitar is Still bogged down in its "Top carve" development. Mainly due to time management issues,

I need to clear the shop out of some more jobs in order to set up my Pin Router system, and I just haven't had the extra time, coupled with the fact that the shop has been very successful in its repair jobs as well as our Judah Guitars project.

in a shop this small, even great success can cause you to "fail" in other areas.

there never seems to be enough time or resources to complete everything I want done in a certain time frame.

So.... I'm about to re-take the scariest step ever.. for me..

Delegation of tasks to (shudder) "others"...

The last time I tried this, it was an EXPENSIVE MISTAKE.

But.. it was all my own fault, I expected someone who is NOT me to do work to my standards without complete and full training BY ME. ( I trusted one of those famous and expensive Luthiery schools, Sorry, but I won't do THAT again)

So that where I'm going to start. Training.

Sounds simple right?.. but how do you teach someone everything you need them to know that took you 37 years to learn yourself?

1 step at a time.. and VERY thoroughly.

So I have my work cut out for me. and the worst thing about it is its on a project that has no clearly defined future yet, its all just speculation still. it may fly.... it may fall.. but its gonna cost either way.

but, if you do nothing, then you can't learn anything. So I plan... I build... and I trust God that whatever I put my hand to, will bring back whatever I need.

Sorry, I know that most people already have a lot of this figured out , and I probably look like a idiot because I don't yet..

but the simple truth is.

I've been burned so many times in the past that "Trusting people" is a very serious problem for me and letting go of control is BEYOND scary.

I mean, I was supposed to be a pretty wealthy person by now, and its not very fun watching a company you built from the ground up doing well, while your starving, just because someone else got greedy and took it away from you.

So I just gotta set my boundaries, work through it in my own way and learn to be happy with the results.

Anyway, Jimmy Russel has been working here in the shop on the Judah Guitars project and hes done a great job learning under William Fix. (my Bro-in-law)

So, I'm thinking its about time to start teaching Jimmy some others tasks and about general luthiery and maybe getting him some extra hours of work.

Anyway you look at it, 2017 looks like its could be ( with Gods help) a very Fun year!

Oh and While I make it a point not to get too involved in politics in my blog..

I'm gonna say this.

Democrats, Stop whining!... America has spoken.

if you wanna do something then Sit Down and take a VERY HARD look at the MORALITY of your parties current attitudes.

RETHINK THEM with an eye toward the original puritan culture that AMERICA was built on/with.

you will Never win the hearts of the moral majority over by tossing them an immoral, hedonistic career politician like H.C.

True Americans are DONE with Political Correctness, immorality, and Ignorance. and we will EVEN go so far as to elect someone who is only MARGINALLY LESS of all of those, simply to oppose whatever gutter trash YOU may offer.

Get back on course America.. Get back to God. Thats my prayer for 2017.

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