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Man! there is nothing better than Thanksgiving turkey and gravy with dressing and lots of fresh veggies and Pie... smoked Ham and cakes. and several glasses of home made Punch.

Yeah I ate too much Thursday. ..but hey its a tradition! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving.

I don't know about ya'll... but this year, Thanksgiving seemed a bit "nostalgic".. like the good ole days.. just a touch. but then again, maybe thats just me.

I know you can't ever go back.. but it doesn't stop people from trying.. oh well.

I will be launching my new guitar model winter 2017

I'm still shooting for Jan. but there is still a lot of work to be done. and it will be 100% ready when it is, and not before. I don't intend to show anything that isn't my best work.

the new model is looking great! and I'm soon to meet with a local CNC programmer who is working on a top carving program for me.

I'm planning to make 50 units per year for this first year. Hopefully with at least 3 "Presentation" models as well..

if everything works out as planned, then that should make for a good first year. I expect it might take 2-3 years to sell them all. but thats OK.. I've figured that in.

I've poured every trick I know into this instrument and So far, its sounding great. I'm beyond stoked to hear the final product.

I'm finalizing the neck angle and neck carve next and thats the last construction detail to be done. then its on to finishing.

Rowyco Kustom Finishes will be handling my finishing work and I'm looking forward to working with Mike. I've seen his work up close and I know he can meet my standards.

I'll be speaking with Advanced Plating in Nashville about AMERICAN MADE hardware for these guitars.

and PLEKing for every single guitars fretwork made in this shop will be a standard.

I'm looking into two different pickup companies for this guitar, and while I won't know who I will go with until the first guitar is finished... I have a pair of each here to test out asap.

Rewind Electric LLC and Elysian tuned aperture pickups.

There is a lot of work to be done around here right now. and We will be kicking hard all through Dec.

today, my work space is littered with guitars that will be going out Monday the 28th 2016

I can't Thank God enough for blessing me so. and even though the World may come against me. I know I have a Rock I can cling to in times of trouble.

May God Bless you in the coming year.

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