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Fall is coming....Tomorrow!

a double rainbow seen from my shops front door

Well, it seems the weather just "turned" here. Yesterday was a beautiful cool and crisp morning here in Chattanooga TN.

which means that I'm now seeing plenty of seasonal truss rod adjustments that the weather change always brings with it.

The shop is doing great with a reasonably quicker turn around rate and Plenty of work to do.

In fact its actually been enough work, that I've had to put off working on My PXWC Guitar project. which I'm not happy about.. but Its all good. Like all my projects, it will get done in its own time.

but, Lately I've been very torn up about something thats been happening in the guitar world, and I feel it needs addressing...

One of the Big Dog Guitar Manufacturers is trying to tell people that they can't Alter or Modify USED instruments OR PARTS and resell them online.


yep, Several threads have popped up in various forums that have said that this one manufacturer is sending out C&D letters saying that you can't sell used necks if you remove said manufacturers logo from them.

This same manufacturer recently sent us a C&D saying that we can't beat up a used guitar and resell it, with our website advertisement on the back of the headstock.. because it "creates Brand confusion"

I say when they can prevent Nash Guitars ( and several others) from selling guitars with their headstock shapes on them.. then MAYBE I will consider their position.. otherwise ..... well I won't say what I'd like to.

Brand Confusion.. Humph!.

This same maker puts not less than 5 different brand names on the SAME headstock shape and then tells me that Because I beat one up and put my website advertisement on the back of the headstock, that I'm creating -Brand Confusion!?!

Yeah right!...

Someone is getting way too big for their britches. and while I may lose my butt.. I'm not backing down. This is a case of Corporate Bullying and If it has to go to court,

then so be it.

Please feel free to express your thoughts on this matter by sending me an email through my "Contact" page.

I hope enjoy enjoys their Autumn season this year!.

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