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Got wood!

Well, this month has flown past, I can't believe that its almost June!

The Lab has been SWAMPED in work and I really can't complain, of course it does slow down my New Build project. which I have decided to call "Project X, World Class " or PXWC for short.

I've been buying up some Super Premium 5A Quilted and Curly maples for PXWC. also bindings, pearl inlays, Ebony, and some exotic woods as I believe I will do a Laminated neck and possibly body wings.

I haven't fully fleshed out the design yet, but its been taking shape and I've been asking many of my customers exactly what they would want in a World Class Premium Instrument.

Of course too many of them just want me to build a overly ornate Les Paul.

But I'm going to find that new shape/design that will make people forget all about a clunky Les Paul.

( I hope. lol)

The new Judah guitars Store has been going GANGBUSTERS since the opening in April and We have added several new lines in the last 2 months. My Bro-in-law Will has been busy with sales shipping and EVH requests. Things have really changed around here.

My repair work business is WAY up. things are going out the door quickly, and my repeat business is up too. I'm stoked to say the least.

I do have a couple of new Custom builds to do this summer as well as PXWC So I have a feeling that I may not add anything more to this blog until late June.

if anyone is interested, I'm putting up a Private photo album of all my builds on my Google Plus page

I'm keeping it private so as to keep corporate snoops from bothering me. So if you would like to see my work, then go to my google plus page and ask to be added to my circle of friends.

here is the link.

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