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A Letter of Apology

I'm Sorry.

I most sincerely and humbly apologize.

Please forgive me.

I made a mistake.

I have learned from it and will not repeat it going forward.

I played a hand of poker with my business while my chips were down last year (2014),

I tried to bluff, and I got called on it.

I then had to pay the house. Which I did, in full. in the form of $20,000 in refunds for custom guitar contracts.

I'd like to state for the record that there was Never any intent on my part to "defraud" anyone, at any point whatsoever. and those that make such claims are only stating their opinions. they don't know me.

It was simply poor management skills, coupled with poor health and severe under-capitalization and too many personal problems at home, that were the underlying causes. all of which have been now dealt with and rectified.

I fully intended, believed and worked daily, toward the single goal that every customer was going to receive his/her order... and I never wavered from that.

I'm very happy to report that 99% of the known claims have been solved satisfactorily as of this posting.

and while I will no longer take in custom work. my shop is still very much alive and very busy with repairs and "personal speculation" custom builds that may become available for sale once completed.

I can say that I'm moving forward in an exciting and very positive new direction. and have brought in a very good old friend to Manage this new venture. A man above and beyond all reproach, the Rev. William Fix. I feel very lucky to be working with Will again.

God willing, I will always be involved with building Guitars, Amps, and related musical gear, even if only as a hobby.

If anyone has any issue that they need to speak with me about, they should contact me through this website and I will work with them until they are satisfied.

Please do note that if you fail to contact me directly, I can not help you.

Please do not attempt to contact me through any of the online guitar forums.

I no longer have any access to those accounts and can no longer be contacted that way.

for that reason, "Claims" posted in online forums, will not be considered valid, as the use of "Handles" or "Monikers" or avatars, prevents me from verifying who someone is that is making a "claim"

and several have already been proven to be false.

If you have legitimate business with me, then my records will bear that out.

Please be prepared with emails/receipts/paperwork or any other identifers to help expedite your claim.

I fully intend to have any remaining outstanding or presently unknown issues, resolved by not later than Jan 1st 2016.

after that date, all claims on any old business made prior to the date of this post,

will be considered "satisfied" going forward.

Thank you, and again,

I apologize for any inconvience, and may God Richly Bless You.

Bruce Bennett

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