• Bruce Bennett

Brown Sound pedal 2008

this video is a from 2008. and while I still will build these pedals,

It's only on a custom order basis.

Also in the video, I built the circuit and mounted it to an aluminum test plate instead of a completed box.

that was because we had contracted with Oohlala Mfg. to send them working guts and fully drilled boxes, which they would later install in boxes after they had them painted with their propritary "Foxy Brown" Graphics.

you can alway tell the Oohlala version because the "Foxy Brown" graphic is hand painted and Mine are silk screened.

at the end of the video when I say "here is where the brown sound really shines."

what I was trying to covey is the awesome way this pedal could sustain a "controlled feedback" note at bedroom volumes. the harmonic content of this pedal was nothing short of a great tube amp. and it was able to bring that out in almost any guitar.

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