Beginning work on a New SHOP!

How Bruce FINALLY got back to work Building actual guitars again after a rather LONG dry spell
what is Bennett Music Labs?

  Bennett Music Labs is my personal Prototyping shop where I build custom guitars, amps, pedals, and speaker cabinets for discerning people who want something not found in stores.

  It's also a sort of playground for me to invent and try out ideas and designs that may or may not have any commercial viability.  but that maybe have an artistic value.


  I can and often do contract work for larger companies, and have the capabilities to do limited production runs of unique designs,  but generally, I build, repair and sell online through Reverb and eBay.

  Musical Instrument making in America seems to have taken a hard turn in recent decades and frankly I'm not sure how much longer American Luthiers can hold our own against the massive Chinese onslaught of brutally inexpensive Instruments. 

    but like the old Luthiery Lottery joke says.... I will continue to build guitars until the money runs out.


    I might sound pessimistic,  but truthfully, I'm a natural born engineer,  which means I tend to look at things through the lens of  "hows that gonna work"  so I consider myself a  "realist" which is probably just another PC term for Pessimist.

   Oh well.  onward toward the next chapter....


  as the Japanese say...  Fight-O


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so you ask why did we need....

More space? well i think this will answer your question best. This is the daily mess I've been working with now for 7 years! too much stuff and not enough working room!